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              Intelligent solutions to transform decisions and maximize value

              Customer Intelligence

              • Allow better decision-making for personalized and targeted interactions across touchpoints
              • Continually build loyalty through omnichannel experiences and customer behavior analysis in real time
              • Anticipate customer needs and identify the right markets for business growth and cost savings

              Cognizant AI Customer Intelligence?solutions explain and inform decision-making and provide tailored, insightful recommendations that guide your clients toward their next best action.

              Operations Intelligence

              • Optimize decision-making in today's fast-paced digital world by identifying predictive patterns and trends
              • Leverage AI and machine learning to make your day-to-day business processes smarter and faster
              • Maximize working capital utilization and optimize vendor payment terms

              Traditional analytics and reporting tools can’t deal with the complexity of interlinked processes and a constantly changing business environment.?Cognizant AI Operations Intelligence?leverages AI and machine learning to make your day-to-day business processes smarter.

              Product Intelligence

              • Respond quickly to market changes with exactly the right products
              • Improve engineering and design to build in the features and personalization customers want
              • Access and align product information from different vendors and suppliers, in different countries and across various systems, platforms and applications?to avoid losing valuable revenue opportunities

              Cognizant AI Product Intelligence?is an AI-based strategy for aggregating, normalizing and sharing digital information to provide a holistic, 360-degree view on your products and solutions.

              Fraud Insights & Intelligence

              • Complex algorithms reliably detect and recognize fraud to reduce risk
              • Use AI to dynamically adjust in real time to emerging threats
              • Identify, analyze and control fraudulent transactions and erroneous payments before they are processed?

              Fraud presents a major risk for businesses, and yet thwarting it isn’t easy because fraudsters are forever changing their strategies. But, AI and machine learning are making it easier to detect and?recognize true fraud.

              Cognizant AI Fraud Insights and Intelligence?preempts risk and fraud in real time using cognitive services and human sciences in healthcare, banking, insurance, retail and more.