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              AI to Scale

              AI to Scale

              Case Studies

              image of woman healthcare provider lecturing & pointing to something on a smart TV

              Examining physician notes identified social determinants of health, helping improve both quality of care and costs.

              image of aerial view of retail store

              A global consumer-goods client now has an automated way to syndicate product data to its 500 ecommerce partners.

              image of doctor and pharma sales rep

              Pharmaceuticals company maximizes revenue and profit by saving 35%/$450K in report-generation time.

              image of a fast food worker packaging up a food order

              Fast-food chain reduces drive-through order time by 10% and improves decision-making, staffing and marketing.

              image of co-workers collaborating

              AI automation creates ad extensions using natural language processing that improve click-through rates by 10%.

              image of a credit card

              A major payment processor now detects 1,500 card violations per day within seconds, saving $30,000 per month.

              image of women on the phone in the background

              A leading insurance company has improved call center services, reducing call duration and costs by 20%.

              image of woman working at a computer

              A large healthcare organization alerts for drug-seeking behaviors, combatting prescription drug dependence.

              image of someone looking at a tablet screen

              A major pharmaceuticals company has reduced clinical oncology trials by 3 to 4 years and saved 10% in patient costs.

              image of women talking though a headset on the phone

              A P&C insurer now reviews 8,000 customer service calls per month, slashing supervisor review time by 35%–40%.

              image of healthcare provider and patient

              A large health network identified and recommended appropriate solutions to improve interactions and satisfaction.

              image of women working on a laptop

              Learn how these 21 organizations improved their profitability and decision-making with artificial intelligence.

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