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              Conversational AI

              Conversational AI for personalized commerce

              Case Studies

              image of girl looking in a mirror

              A major credit card company looked to Cognizant for assistance to build a “Magic Mirror”.

              image of large bottle of soda and a glass of soda sitting next to it

              A leading food & beverage company built a party planning bot to help throw a party for a huge event.

              image of women in the background and in the foreground is an alexa speaker device

              A global automaker deployed an intelligent assistant with voice commands to improve productivity.

              image of man drinking a cup of coffee

              A major airline developed a customer-facing chatbot to automate customer loyalty FAQs.

              image of an iphone showing a healthcare app

              A pharmacy chatbot was created to support services like prescription refill information & renewals.


              Intelligent Engagement

              Commerce and Care

              • There is a dual mandate driving Conversational AI’s adoption right now, which is for brands to better serve both the?commerce and care?needs of their "customers".?Keep in mind, customers in this context can refer to actual paying customers or it can apply to visitors, leads, members, patients, users, etc.
              • The?commerce?component of this dual mandate is about driving lead conversions, increasing order size or volume, improving customer retention, encouraging repeat buying and enhancing any other form of revenue generation.?The?care?side of the mandate applies to service, support, help, how-tos, instructions, guidance and recommendations.?For example, Conversational AI can work in the background with contact center agents to access caller history and increase accuracy of responses to help requests.?Retail sales agents can use Conversational AI to search inventory, product information or pricing specials so they can focus on providing shoppers with more personal attention.
              • Every industry has faced this dual mandate since the first days of human-to-human commerce.?What’s changing in this Conversational AI era is that many of the old rules and best practices must be unlearned, as completely new strategies now exist for engaging, selling and supporting consumers in a hands-free and screenless world. Nearly everywhere today we find employees tied to keyboards to do their jobs. Conversational AI will increasingly mean that work can be completed hands-free and closer to the consumer.

              Intelligent Advisory

              Strategy and Consulting
              • With Conversational AI’s early experimental days behind us, innovative brands are looking to accelerate their efforts and results. For most, this means thinking beyond chatbots, voice skills and smart?speakers?to an omnichannel, multi-device and multi-modal future of highly contextualized and intelligent engagement.
              • Our practice’s center for Conversational AI strategy recommends the following as part of our?SOAR (SOAR = Strategy, Operationalizing, Accelerating and Refining) framework for scaling Conversational AI:
                1. Invest both for immediate success and longer term tangible benefits.
                2. Seek innovation partners?able to support strategy and roadmaps.
                3. Link projects?so that code, frameworks, lessons learned and best practices build upon one another.
                4. Let your customers be your guide. Ground Conversational AI in a?customer-first philosophy and deliver the right design, technology and personalization to create an experience consumers prefer over searching through websites to navigate an FAQ or calling a contact center agent for help.

              Intelligent Experience

              Voice-Human Centered

              Your customers are living in a transformative and exciting time. Today’s Conversational AI innovations—delivered by IoT devices, voice assistants and ambient computing home hubs—continue to shape their connectivity, engagement and communication experiences. With a simple touch of a button, swipe of a finger or utterance of their voice, Conversational AI connects, empowers and informs customers across multiple devices in an evolving omnichannel world.

              With our VOICE methodology, we craft customer-centric end-to-end Conversational AI experiences that enable personalized care and support for customers and effortlessly connect their careers, well-being, homes, health, family, entertainment, education, travel, finances and more.

              Conversational AI Market Opportunities (Application)

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