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              Customer Intelligence

              Intelligence to anticipate needs and drive engagement

              Featured Case Study

              Customer Care Done Right—With Real-Time AI

              We provided an analytics platform informed by AI to an industry-leading P&C insurer to improve customer service, help supervisors monitor call quality and help CSRs understand customer sentiment during insurance claims calls.

              Case Studies

              image of woman healthcare provider lecturing & pointing to something on a smart TV

              Examining physician notes identified social determinants of health, helping improve both quality of care and costs.

              image of aerial view of retail store

              A global consumer-goods client now has an automated way to syndicate product data to its 500 ecommerce partners.

              image of a group of co-workers collatorating on a project

              AI automation creates ad extensions using natural language processing that improve click-through rates by 10%.

              image of healthcare provider and patient

              A large health network identified and recommended appropriate solutions to improve interactions and satisfaction.

              image of silhouette of a women in front of a data screen

              A biotechnology company better understands factors in patients following or abandoning medication regimens.

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