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              Operations Intelligence

              Operational intelligence fuel efficient business processes

              Featured Blog

              Not Your Father’s Call Center: How Cognitive Computing Can Boost Customer Satisfaction and Agent Retention

              By recognizing the sentiment behind a caller's words, cognitive computing systems can guide call center agents to respond effectively in real time.

              Case Studies

              image of woman working at a computer.

              AI discovers drug-seeking behavior in EMR notes, alerting doctors in real time to patients needing help.

              image of data shown on ipad

              Automated due diligence identifies fraud and non-compliance accurately and in a fraction of time.

              image of woman healthcare provider lecturing & pointing to something on a smart TV

              Examining physician notes identified social determinants of health, helping improve both quality of care and costs.

              image of  heavy equipment machine

              A global mining company increased transportation throughput by 8% and reduced annual capital costs by $30 million.

              image of a car in a flood

              A top global insurance company used data to identify $3.3 billion in insurance opportunities with 83% accuracy.

              image of a man at a mining operations site

              A major mining company optimized employee housing and transportation management, saving $4 million per year.

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