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              Please visit the COVID-19 response page for resources and advice on managing through the crisis today and beyond.


              Charting your digital future

              Charting your digital future

              45 seconds
              to deploy code for a large global investment bank—down from 15 days—by refactoring applications to the cloud.
              cost optimization for a global investment bank that modernized its reconciliations and control standards.
              in Capital Markets BPO, according to Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix Assessment 2018 report.

              In a rapidly transforming industry and shifting regulatory landscape, how can capital markets firms gain flexibility to chart the right digital future???With transformation strategies tailored to your needs, we deliver solutions that deepen customer loyalty, drive long-term relationships and increase profitability.

              DRIVEN BY RESULTS

              Evolve your business, operating and technology models.

              Our teams partner with you on the strategies and solutions to transform your company.

              A Financial Services Giant
              A Financial Services Giant

              speeds its cloud migration by reducing the time to assess each application from 40 hours to just minutes.

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              A Global Bank?
              A Global Bank?

              increased agility and developer productivity by moving to a cloud-native architecture.

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              Unlocking Digital Value
              How do we make such a profound
              to our clients?

              Cognizant engagements place equal emphasis on the three keys to digital success: Customer Experience, Business Process and Tech Infrastructure.


              It all starts with your customers.


              It all starts with your customers.

              Unlocking real digital value and improving outcomes for your business means we must address their needs as well as the needs of your employees.

              How do we do it?


              By helping you build a Digital Business

              Go beyond supporting business and advance it with smarter products, exceptional customer experiences and more efficient operations primed for transformative growth.

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              A Digital Business with Digital Operations

              Reimagine and create new digital processes that drive performance, deliver more humanized transactions and leverage automation, AI and scalable platforms.

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              A Digital Business with Digital Operations powered by Digital Systems & Technology

              Simplify, modernize and secure your IT backbone with integrated services and digital solutions that unlock value at scale and speed.

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              Customized Business Solutions

              We help our clients accelerate their Digital Business transformations as they move beyond a focus on cost efficiencies to driving top-line revenue growth.

              Packaged Industry Solutions

              To deliver immediate impact to the business, we offer proven solutions designed to tackle challenges your industry faces—generating cash flow you need to fund more complex initiatives.

              Create value. Everywhere.

              Operate in silos, without data and insights flowing out of the three areas above, and your initiatives will fail. Only by building a fused, holistic organization can you respond to customer needs and drive new growth.

              01 Digital Business

              Go beyond supporting business and advance it.

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              02 Digital Operations

              Reimagine and create new digital processes.

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              03 Digital Systems & Technology

              Simplify, modernize and secure your IT backbone.

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              James Burrows

              Head of Capital Markets Platform Solutions