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              CAPITAL MARKETS

              Cognizant Value Stream Mapping Streamlines Application Migration to the Cloud

              The Challenge

              The application maintenance requirements for a major U.S.-based financial services company with a portfolio of more than 1,000 applications were eating into its budget and time available for developing innovative products and services for its customers. The company also wanted to migrate several of its applications to a cloud-native platform to improve operational effectiveness and reduce licensing costs. But unacceptable costs and the delays involved in the manual assessment of each application’s suitability for the cloud hindered the migration. The company turned to Cognizant for a “factory” model to assess its applications, make any necessary changes and migrate the applications to the cloud.

              Our Approach

              Using the mapping component of the Cognizant Value Stream portfolio, our capital markets tech experts assessed the native cloud readiness of the company’s applications, analyzing hundreds of applications against a list of known anti-patterns—common errors that can cause an application to fail in the cloud. The component reduced the time required to assess an application from 40 hours to a few minutes. Beyond a detailed assessment of each application’s complexity and suitability for the cloud, mapping determined whether an application could be rehosted with a few changes or needed to be either replatformed due to a higher level of changes or rebuilt to successfully run on the cloud. It also suggested steps that an engineer would need to take to quickly remediate a known problem.

              Automation for Improved Application Quality

              The Cognizant Value Stream model helped the company quickly chart a digital transformation roadmap, reducing the time it takes to assess each application. It eliminated inconsistent assessments, especially when engineers with varying experience and knowledge analyze the same application. Our digital engineering experts helped the organization identify and evaluate potential obstacles to migration and eliminated the trial-and-error process that engineers previously followed. This reduced risk, increased productivity and improved project management. Value stream mapping will also help the company deliver new, innovative applications and services faster and with improved quality.

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              assessment time for each application from 40 hours to minutes


              inconsistent assessments of the same application

              Minimizes risk

              by evaluating potential obstacles to migration

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