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              Raise Your Own Bar


              Today’s consumers demand more from their technology than ever before. Can your applications deliver the digital user experience that customers want?


              Fuel your digital transformation by simplifying, modernizing and securing your applications environment.

              Consumers’ technology expectations are rising rapidly—and just as rapidly infiltrating the enterprise landscape. The complexity of your IT organization may be standing in the way of meeting your business goals. How do you manage (or even eliminate) this heritage “debt” and unlock value to both fuel your digital transformation and develop next-generation capabilities?

              Our application services can deliver applications and maintenance solutions that are specifically designed to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

              The result: You can build adaptable platforms to ignite digital transformation across your enterprise.

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              Patterns for Success: Lessons Learned When Adopting Enterprise DevOps 

              This whitepaper addresses the most common reasons for DevOps failure and advises on how to succeed with enterprise DevOps.

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              Today’s enterprises are undergoing radical change, due to the fast rise of new digital technologies, shifting business models and changing customer preferences. In addition, as IT evolves from technology-centric to value-centric, a purpose-built portfolio that’s both nimble and future-proof sets the tone for simplifying, modernizing and securing your applications—and accelerating digital transformation.



                IT leaders are calling on Cognizant’s application development services to help build powerful, digital-ready IT backbones with low TCO while simultaneously optimizing their legacy systems.

                Full Lifecycle Development

                Cognizant assumes complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of your systems. In cooperative development, we work with your IT professionals to jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate systems.

                COTS/Package Implementation

                Our proven approach is end-to-end, starting with choosing the right solution by objectively evaluating requirements to integration, interfaces, data conversion, migration and post go-live production support. We engage best-in-class accelerators and tools for data conversion, testing and interface building.

                Platform/Product Upgrade

                We use structured methodology and standardized tools to simplify the platform/product upgrade process on-premises or in the cloud. With proven capabilities, our experts help you complete the upgrade faster, with lower IT cost and business risk.

                Portals and Content Management

                We offer enterprise portal solutions that encompass web information portals, ecommerce portals and knowledge/information portals. Standardized, proven integration with enterprise applications (enterprise resource planning/supply chain management), security and management solutions help ensure we’re serving the content you demand.

                Legacy Enterprise Systems Modernization: Five Ways of Responding to Market Forces

                Cognizant has a proven methodology for legacy modernization—combining tools, frameworks and processes with vertical domain depth—to meet the critical functionality and processing requirements of business and technology users, while providing flexibility, ease of use and cost advantage. 

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                System Integration Services

                Our integration solutions are derived from years of cross-industry experience and technology expertise. Highly scalable and based on new platforms such as the cloud and virtual servers, our solutions can be readily adapted for future requirements.

                Mobile Application Development

                Cognizant offers a portfolio of tools and services for the mobile enterprise that moves with the speed of its customers. Our delivery services reinvent the way you design and develop custom mobile applications—from UI design and testing to data integration and security.

                Serving Markets of One in the Age of “Mobile Me”

                Continuing advancements in mobile technologies, coupled with the extraordinary growth of mobile commerce, are compelling retailers to transform virtually every aspect of their business to answer consumer demands for more personalized, contextually relevant shopping experiences—whenever they want and wherever they happen to be.

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                Cognizant’s application value management services provide an industrialized, integrated approach to address today’s IT requirements. This enables your organization to optimize cost, improve predictability and deliver business outcomes that enable digital transformation and ensure a successful user experience in the following ways:

                Eliminate Application Debt

                Debts incurred in your application can increase maintenance spend. So, it’s imperative to have a structured methodology to arrest them. Cognizant’s debt management framework helps identify, classify and eliminate your inherent application debts (technical, functional, operational and knowledge), reduce manual effort, increase resiliency and improve time to value. This approach, bundled with proactive measures such as application strengthening, self-healing and problem management, supports your journey toward work elimination.

                Automate What Can’t Be Eliminated

                Reducing effort through robotic automation driven by artificial intelligence delivers both cost benefits and accurate results. When you couple predictive analytics with smart knowledge management, you can improve throughput and accelerate time to value. The Open Architecture Application Management Automation from Cognizant? Automation Center helps enhance the user experience, optimize maintenance spend, increase service predictability and avoid vendor lock-in.

                Industrialize Through Standardization

                Cognizant achieves an industrialized, integrated approach by standardizing the delivery of services through a suite of frameworks called Cognizant AVMplus? to help organizations realize the dual mandate of improving efficiencies and delivering outcomes.

                Synergize Work Silos

                Cognizant acts proactively to bridge the gap between silos created in your IT organization across application, infrastructure and business process services—and then derive synergies among them. With the help of our Integrated Service Management Office (ISMO), we develop a robust governance mechanism to ensure IT is aligned to your business objectives.

                Transform for Business Value

                We enable your digital transformation journey via a structured methodology that helps develop a comprehensive IT blueprint and digital readiness index. Using our application portfolio’s rationalization models and modernization techniques you can enable preventive maintenance, better adoption to cloud solutions and move the IT needle toward business outcomes.

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              • AGILE-DEVOPS


                Cognizant can help you deliver swift, holistic and radical changes to simplify, modernize and transform your business into a digital enterprise. With extensive experience in agile and DevOps, as well as the addition of organizational change management and modern technologies, we help you go beyond localized agile-DevOps adoption to achieve enterprise agility. We support you through the entire agile-DevOps journey via our advisory, transformation and execution services. For example, we reduce delivery risks by applying hands-on pragmatic guidance, foresight and facilitation of Agile-DevOps Way of Working for your leadership and their teams.

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                Agile Implementation

                We help our clients introduce and adapt Agile Way of Working using tailor-made solutions that meet business requirements. We partner with your organization for high-quality, end-to-end project execution using our experts in distributed agile models and highly skilled, qualified and passionate agile full stack teams.

                DevOps Implementation

                We help our clients in adopting DevOps by leveraging our DevOps platform and related platform-based services. With our DevOps solutions, software developers, infrastructure administrators, and quality assurance and operations professionals collaborate early and often to anticipate potential problems and proactively incorporate feedback throughout the development cycle.

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              LATEST THINKING

              OUR PARTNERS

              We form partnerships and strategic alliances with world-class organizations to expand our service offerings and deliver comprehensive solutions to clients. Strategic alliances with the world’s leading companies enable us to provide complete solutions to your business and IT challenges.

              Amazon Web Services

              Cognizant is a Premier Consulting Partner for AWS, an AWS Channel Reseller, an AWS Managed Services Partner, an AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) Partner and an AWS Marketplace Reseller. In addition, Cognizant has accredited status with AWS for healthcare and life sciences, financial services, migration competency, big data, Workspaces and SharePoint.


              Together, Cognizant and Microsoft are accelerating digital transformation for our customers. Partners for 15 years, we have a mutual focus on putting the customer first. We are helping our customers rethink, reinvent and rewire their organizations to unleash new potential with a mobile-first, cloud-first approach.


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