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              The five essential IoT requirements

              Cognizant can help your organization move to a fully connected future.
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              Snapshot Breakfast: Cloud for Real!

              Get to the bottom of Cloud – how to get started and how to reach its true potential. We will give you advice on smart ways to accelerate your cloud journey, driving both sustainability and profitability.

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              Our diversity and inclusion journey ahead

              Valuing the best in our people enables us to innovate and offer you the best solutions. Find your authentic way to promote diversity & inclusion with Cognizant in October. 

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              The symbiosis of humans and machines

              Are you ready for the AI-Augmented future? Take a look at how organizations can develop the new disciplines needed to optimize the capabilities of both human workers and intelligent machines.

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              How Kvaerner Navigated The Shift To Digital

              Learn how Cognizant has helped Kvaerner adopt digital technologies such as AI, Machine Learning and the IoT to improve the design and construction of offshore platforms, and equip its workforce with the digital tools to enable the most demanding engineering projects in the world.

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              The meeting place to network and explore opportunities for growth.


              Welcome to Cognizant

              See how Cognizant leads the way in an era where technology no longer supports businesses, but drives it!

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              Join Cognizant in Norway

              A lot of businesses say they’re driving the digital revolution. But few have the reach, resources, and expertise to make our impact. With us, you won’t change a few people’s lives. You’ll help leading businesses and entire industries transform at scale. Join us!

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              TRENDING TOPICS



              Our promise in Norway is to deliver a distinctly superior experience to our clients, client satisfaction is in our DNA. We are also one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

              • OUR OFFICES IN NORWAY


                Cognizant Technology Solutions Norway AS
                Snar?yveien 36,1364 Fornebu, Norway
                Tel: +4723120609


                Cognizant Oil and Gas
                Snar?yveien 36,1364 Fornebu, Norway
                Tel: +4767826000


                Stavanger B37
                Badehusgata 37-39, 4014 Stavanger, Norway
                Postbox 166, 4001 Stavanger, Norway
                Tel: +4767826000 


                Cognizant Oil and Gas
                Bleikjehaugen,5411 Stord, Norway
                Tel: +4767826000


                Cognizant Oil and Gas
                Butangen,4639 Kristiansand, Norway
                Tel: +4767826000

              • COGNIZANT GLOBAL

                We are Present Around the World.

                Cognizant is dedicated to meeting all your business requirements, and our global presence enables us to serve you on your home ground.

              TAKE THE FIRST STEP

              Serving customers by looking forward as well as back is a big promise, but the power of today's new digital capabilities is vast and growing.

               Let's talk about how digital can work for your business.

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