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              Moving Mobility Forward


              As connected cars become further refined, Cognizant is moving out front with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) branded mobile apps for drivers, mobile operators and OEMs alike.


              The auto industry is racing to deliver on a grand vision for developing the “connected car,” where sensors, the internet and smartphones create a more personalized driving experience.

              With Cognizant Car360, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have a suite of mobile apps and a digital framework for leveraging telematics data in design, manufacturing and fleet management applications that help turn the vision into reality. The Car360 apps correspond to the typical lifecycle phases that most car owners experience.

              In the vehicle research phase, drivers get the information they need on smartphones to make an informed buying decision. In the purchase phase, they manage necessary dealer interactions, including financing and payments. Then, in the ownership phase, Car360 integrates with vehicle sensors to assess ongoing driving patterns and monitor vehicle health.


              FAST TRACK TO MARKET

              The right apps can go a long way toward personalizing cars, fitting them with the latest digital technology and keeping vehicles up-to-date. Cognizant’s suite of smart car apps help manufacturers and OEMs get to market faster, enhance their brands and make life better for drivers.



                With Car360, OEMs can create personalized customer experiences tailored to a wide range of owner types. For families focused on safety and practicality, for example, custom apps deliver vital information such as breakdown warnings, speed/distance advisories and maintenance alerts. Higher income drivers can monitor their carbon footprint, let passengers watch internet TV and practice safe social networking while on the road. Meanwhile, younger drivers can benefit from apps that minimize distracted driving and texting, and encourage seat belt use.

                Features include:

                • Comprehensive suite of OEM branded applications
                • Support across popular mobile OS platforms
                • Analytics for leveraging telematics data and integrated vehicle solutions


                With increasing adoption of telematics in cars, there is a potential stream of data about a vehicle’s performance pouring into an OEM’s database. While managing this big data can be a challenge, auto OEMs with Car360 have the opportunity to gain insight from these data sets. Through design optimization and predictive failure analytics, for example, manufacturers can reduce time-to-market and avoid recalls.

                With Car360, OEMs get a complete library of ready-to-deploy analytics software features, big data strategy and roadmap definition and services across the data continuum—including extraction, aggregation, modeling and visualization. Key features include:

                • Assessment of the current state of telematics at the organization
                • Identification and definition of use cases
                • Telematics strategic roadmap recommendations
                • Maturity models for industry and technology benchmarking
                • Deep modeling and simulation capabilities
                • A proprietary data visualization platform for visualizing and interpreting data in new and intuitive ways

                GATHER DATA IN THE CLOUD

                The global telematics market is poised to grow exponentially in the future, with approximately 104 million new cars expected to have some form of connectivity by 2025, according to Ernst & Young. As a result, auto OEMs have new opportunities to create digital services that combine telematics data from vehicles with smartphone apps and other mobile devices.

                By making information actionable with the Car360 framework, OEMs gain insight around customers and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of telematics features. With our Telematics Operations Management service, OEMs have the option to manage their big data in the cloud—and without overwhelming IT operations. Key service offerings include the following:

                • Multichannel visibility
                • Dashboards and reports
                • Root cause analysis
                • CRM, call center and social media integration
                • Seamless integration with service providers and partner systems
                • Active subscription management
                • Application updates and release management


                Optimizing logistics processing is a serious challenge for fleet managers and OEMs, requiring real-time tracking of vehicle location to ensure on-time delivery. By leveraging the Car360 framework, Cognizant’s Connected Fleet Solution solves these problems by employing telematics and geographic information system. Thanks to connected GPS and asset tracking devices and sensors, the solution helps clients achieve real-time movement tracking of every vehicle and driver, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership of these assets.

                Available services include:

                • Geo-fencing and geo-tagging of vehicles for passenger transportation
                • A driver scorecard application to indicate driver behavior by collecting and analyzing accelerometer and GPS data from the vehicle at regular intervals
                • Predictive modeling of resale value of commercial vehicles through remote monitoring
                • Fleet telematics strategy formation, including assessment of the current state, and identifying and defining illustrative use cases
                • A reference architecture covering cloud and mobility offerings
                • A complete security solution
                • Operation of the Telematics Command Center
                • End-to-end support, spanning consulting, hardware and software, system integration and annual maintenance

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