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              Differentiate your customer experiences and enhance your operational agility

              Bringing our strengths together to serve you better.

              • Cloud Steps: A Hassle-Free Transformation Framework

                Cognizant helps clients migrate their application workloads to a cloud environment. Our Cloud Steps Transformation Framework enables an agile, secure and hassle-free transformation with minimal intrusion and maximum automation. This step-by-step approach guides an end-to-end transition from an organization’s existing environment to an AWS cloud ecosystem:

                Step 1. Assess & Plan

                Step 2. Set Up

                Step 3. Migrate

                Step 4. Manage

                Cloud Steps Transformation Framework is a low risk, high reward path to the cloud that helps organizations modernize their workloads and stay competitive.

              • Cloud360: On-Demand Cloud Governance
                Fully compatible and optimized for AWS, Cognizant’s Cloud360 management platform serves as an automated governance layer for private cloud, public cloud and hybrid IT infrastructure components. Its workflows and policies provision, monitor, analyze and optimize cloud applications and infrastructures to drive peak performance while optimizing efficiency and compliance. When complemented by our 24x7 managed services capabilities, the result is a single 360-degree view of an organization’s infrastructure, as well as analytics that inform and drive crucial business decisions.
              • Cognizant Cognitive Contact Center: Set Your Products and Services Apart

                Amazon Connect’s cloud-based contact center service provides a personalized customer experience with built-in conversational AI. Cognizant’s dedicated Amazon Connect team delivers software and service setup, configuration and implementation to deliver a next-gen, personalized customer experience at speed and scale. From roadmap planning to business case development to integration, our team of Amazon Boot Camp-trained practitioners execute an Amazon Connect strategy rapidly and precisely, while providing peace of mind with ongoing support and maintenance.

                Cognizant helps deliver top tier customer experiences through the Cognitive Contact Center. Using AWS and Amazon Connect as a foundation, this framework differentiates your products and services from the competition through:

                • AI: Continuous learning and emotion monitoring for personalized experiences
                • CPaaS: Rich omnichannel and self-service functionality
                • API: Modular framework configured to your industry and business
                • Integration: Full functionality with popular CRM solutions
                • Efficiency: Pay-as-you-use pricing model
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